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NO. 01 - THE REGENTS PARK DIFFUSER - 150ml / 5fl oz - black fig & vetiver

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Breathe in the tantalizing fragrance of our hand-poured Regents Park diffuser, an ode to the lush and vibrant park in the heart of London. Immerse your senses in the bold and spicy tones of liquorice anise, complemented by the fresh and zesty aroma of crisp green leaves and citrus fruits. The captivating scent of coconut adds a touch of sweetness to the rich blend of cedar and violet, while the cushiony fragrance of oakmoss and tonka creates a soothing base, warmed by the comforting and cozy aroma of amber. Presented in a sleek amber glass bottle with a gold lid, and paired with natural rattan reed diffuser sticks, our Regents Park diffuser fills your space with a luxurious and long-lasting fragrance that enlivens your senses and invigorates your surroundings.


you'll like this if you like subtle, figgy, soft scents.


top notes: fig, cedar

heart notes: coconut, liquorice

base notes: oakmoss, tonka


150ml / 5fl oz

approx last time: 3 months

vegan | cruelty free | eco friendly

1. Sizing Information

Our Signature Collection is available in 170g, 240g, and 440g sizes, as well as the Signature Trio which includes three 100g candles in each of our signature scents. The Opulent Collection and Botanical Collection candles come in the classic 170g size, elegantly presented in an amber glass jar with a gold lid, and measuring Height 81mm, Diameter 65mm, and Neck Finish R3/63mm.

2. how to use

1. When lighting your candle for the first time, burn for at least 2 hours to allow the top of the wax to melt completely. This will prevent tunneling in the future!

2. Always trim your wick to 3mm-5mm before each use (use your nails, wick trimmer or nail clipper).

3. Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time and don't burn it all the way through - discontinue use when there is 1.5cm of wax remaining. Wash jar and re-use or recycle!

3. Ingredients list

Our commitment to you is simple: quality ingredients that are kind to the planet and kind to your senses.

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax, infused with luxury fine fragrance oils and an eco wick, all while being paraben and phthalate free - because why choose between luxury and safety?

Our diffusers feature a carefully crafted blend of fine fragrance oils, perfectly paired with slow-release rattan reed diffuser sticks for a long-lasting, sensory experience.

Our room sprays feature a carefully crafted blend of fine fragrance oils and distilled water, perfect for an instant burst of freshness.

And of course, every product we create is eco-friendly - because we believe in leaving the world a better place, one beautiful scent at a time.

NO. 01 - THE REGENTS PARK DIFFUSER - 150ml / 5fl oz - black fig & vetiver
NO. 01 - THE REGENTS PARK DIFFUSER - 150ml / 5fl oz - black fig & vetiver